We’re an agency for brands that have a story* to tell

*and those that need one

We’re a team of crazy creatives, pernickety planners and accurate account managers. We love what we do and what we do you’ll love. We started Kampfire with a new vision: to help the little guys. To give them a leg up in a world where the world wide web is spiraling out of control and many smaller brands are getting lost in the noise. That’s why we make big creative agency services accessible to the smaller guys, without the huge costs and complexity that’s usually involved.

We create content, tell stories and get it all in front of the right people, accelerating your brand to undiscovered places. We help people not just buy from your brand, but buy into it.

What we do...


Let us help you find your voice


We can help you articulate your story to engage your target market


We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have formed with influential people across many markets to increase authentic exposure and awareness.

Some of our clients


Get a voice

In the ever changing digital landscape it's becoming harder and harder for brands to churn out sub-standard content and have any kind of success with it. This is where we come in. We create meaningful, story-first content that gives your audience something to engage with, rather than swipe past.


What you’re about

People can't help but tell the story of your brand, but they only will if it's a good one. Uncovering the story of your brand is a journey of self discovery and reflection. You may find out something you didn't know about your brand or proove everything you thought was correct. Regardless, we help you craft a narrative that gets your customers to get you and buy into your brand.


“Don’t take our word for it”

There's no business like referral business. We help you build relationships and brand association through our wide range of influencers. They cover many demographics and industries, so no matter who you are trying to talk to, we know someone they already know and trust.

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